• Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do you get your ideas from?

    Mostly from other books, television shows and movies. There’s usually a small detail in something I’ve read or watched that I want to expand on. From a character quirk to a twist I think I can put my own spin on. Once the idea starts I can brainstorm and see if it transforms into a book!

    Where can I buy your books?

    I publish all of my ebooks on Amazon and unless it’s a short story, there should be a paperback version available too. However, I also use different paperback distributors who send the books out to several other stores. Check your preferred online store to see if the book is available!

    Where can I get Aiden’s Story?

    Aiden’s Story is featured at the back of Stolen Girl in both ebook and paperback. Unfortunately, it is not included in the audiobook version of Stolen Girl. You can also download a copy here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/n7lb74chp3

    It is quite short so you might be able to print the PDF document to read it that way if you would like.

    Where can I get Aiden’s Story in French?

    Le recit d’Aiden est disponible ici. Il est en français même si le titre est en anglais. Vous pouvez télécharger l’histoire ici et la lire sur votre liseuse ou votre ordinateur. https://dl.bookfunnel.com/siag7sk4x5

    Why aren’t the books available at my local bookshop?

    My paperback books are not connected to a publisher. They are distributed by what’s called a ‘print on demand’ company. That means when you buy the book, it is printed and sold to you. Some online bookstores keep two or three copies available for you to purchase.

    However, because the books are printed on demand, they cost more to print per book. That means many small bookshops will not stock the book because they don’t make much money back on the book per sale. Some might order the book in if you request it. Some won’t.

    Why do the paperback and hardback books cost so much money?

    I’ve had to put my prices up over the last couple of years and it’s something I hate doing. I’m not someone who likes to spend a lot on a paperback either and I hate that not everyone will be able to afford my paperback books.

    But the price of paper has gone up in recent years. The logistics of moving paper around the world have changed and also altered the price of books. And now bookstores require a 40% discount on the books in order to stock them. All independent authors like myself (and probably most publishers too) have had to increase their prices. I try to keep them as low as I can and rarely make more than £1 in profit per sale.

    One thing I would encourage you to do is request my paperback books at libraries. A library only needs to buy one book for many readers to enjoy.

    Are your books available in Kindle Unlimited?

    As I type this, in November 2023, just under half of my English language books are available in Kindle Unlimited.

    I’m lucky enough to have an extensive backlist of books, which means that I can try new things with my older books. Recently, I decided to make my older books available outside of Amazon. Readers might not know this, but self-published authors sign a contract of exclusivity with Kindle Direct Publishing when they place their book into Kindle Unlimited. That means readers who shop outside Amazon cannot buy the ebook (they can buy the paperback though!).

    Saving April, The Broken Ones, The Silent Child Series, The Isabel Fielding Series, Little One, The Housemaid, Find Her and my novellas are all available on Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, library apps, my direct store and more! The rest are available in Kindle Unlimited but not outside Amazon.

    Why don’t you publish the ebook, paperback and audiobook on the same day?

    Right?! That would save me having to answer many, many questions on social media. In an ideal world, this would happen!

    My audiobooks are published through a publisher and as a result are 100x better quality than anything I could fund myself. But they then have to fit into the publisher’s publishing schedule. Sometimes we just cannot get things to line up. Especially when you consider the narrator’s schedule too.

    Sometimes my audiobooks are an ‘audio exclusive’ which means they will be published as an audiobook first. This can be for as long as a year.

    Because my audiobooks are published by a publisher, it means I’m not able to make my short stories and novellas into audiobooks. Anything I release as an audiobook affects the publishing schedule of my full-length audiobooks. I would like my novellas and short stories to be made into audiobooks eventually.

    As for paperbacks and hardbacks – sometimes I am just not organised enough to get it all together. Sometimes the cover is taking a bit longer than expected. Or it takes time for Amazon or another bookstore to actually stock the paperback. Sometimes it gets stuck in the publishing stage or I make a mistake and have to do it again. Many, many things can go wrong!

    Will there be more translations into other languages?

    Yes! I plan to translate more of my books into German, French and Italian. I’m also hoping to translate my books into Spanish next year. However, I am funding these translations myself so they are really dependent on sales and whether I’m able to make a profit on the books. So far I’m hopeful that I can keep going.

    Unfortunately, my Polish publisher decided not to continue publishing my books and there is no easy way to self-publish a Polish language book. If Amazon decide to enter the Polish ebook market, I will jump at the chance to publish them.

    Do you do in-person events?

    Not yet! As a natural hermit, I tend to avoid in-person events. But I keep telling myself I’ll start getting out there more!

    I do sometimes post in Facebook groups. I’ve done author takeovers. I’ve even done the odd podcast, though they do scare me quite a bit.

    Right now, you can ask me to come to a book group but bear in mind I will probably say no!

    Will you read my debut novel?

    Right now, I’m just going to give a flat-out no. I am the writer, publisher, formatter, business manager, marketer and social media manager for my books. I can barely organise my own books let alone read someone else’s. Sorry!

    How do you write so many books?

    Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t write a word for weeks and I feel as productive as a sloth. But then I look at all the books under not just my Sarah A. Denzil pen name but my YA books, too, and they somehow add up over the years.

    I guess I put it down to being a fast typer and sticking at it. Not all of my books are long. Some are 300 or less and that also helps.

    Can I have a free book for my charity auction? Or even a free book just for me?!

    At this point, it’s a flat-out no. With charity auctions, I’m given no evidence that the auction is even real. I’m given an address and a cause that for all I know could be a lie. In the past I’ve tried to give people the benefit of the doubt but scammers have made me cynical. If I don’t know you, I can’t donate to your unregistered charity. And if you are a legit person trying to raise money, I am sorry.

    As for requests for a free book for yourself. No. Just no. Why are you entitled to a free book? Nope!