• They Are Liars

    A team of office administrators are stuck at work during a flood. By the end of the day, one of them will be dead…

    Sue is waiting to retire. She can’t stand her bad-mannered co-workers who take her for granted.

    Krish has an explosive secret that would change everything if his colleagues found out.

    Penny is the girl no one seems to notice. Today she learns what the others truly think of her.

    Helen hasn’t told anyone about her weekly therapy sessions delving into her repressed memories. But something is floating up to the surface, threatening her usual composure.

    Martin, the congenial boss, has a dark past. Stuck in the office with his employees, a more callous side begins to emerge.

    One is a murderer. One is dead. They are all liars.

    THEY ARE LIARS is a quick read packed with twists, turns and deadly secrets. Binge this novella on a bus journey or a long lunch.

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